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Chapter 22 - Work-life balance

How to deal with work-at-home challenges.

Deal with work-at-home challenges

  • Not much time for yourself like in an office

    • Laundry

    • Cooking

    • Cleaning

    • Using time when

  • Please you deal with this because you’re home

  • My work is more important because I go to office. Yours is not. Because you’re at home

  • Kids are sick - by default you have to stay at home

  • It’s great if 2 people work from home, than they GET you.

  • Family wants us to run errands for us!

    • And when you refuse, they get angry, because we’re supposed to do this for them - because we’re at home

    • But it’s just a moment!

      • But you get out of flow

      • 10 minute break is annoying because it takes 20 minutes to get back into flow.

      • Sometimes we’re rude

        • People find it offensive

        • People want to talk to us when they want to talk to us

  • Communication with family members is key

    • Wife - finally we’re talking!

    • Why and how - explain why I’m taking a break in the middle of the day

    • Why I work the way I do and how I want to go about it

    • Talking about working hours with the family member to set expectations and boundaries

    • Decisions must be set together

    • Communication channel is also important

      • Ewelina uses Nozbe now and doesn’t send me messages
    • Explain that our work is ALSO work, it’s not sitting at home and we feel bad if we don’t do it right!

  • Kids find it difficult to understand the boundaries of work.

    • When at home, they go into the home office and play

    • They play on my whiteboard and draw beautiful things

    • Setting up a light helps - they know I’m busy

  • You don’t call in sick because you don’t have to, right?

    • I’m at home anyway and I have my office available right there

    • When you’re sick, you prefer to work - just less, maybe fewer hours, but once you’re in bed comfy and can think, you prefer to work actually.

  • When both work from home

    • They respect the other person’s space and time

    • They understand the other one is focused

  • One thing:

    • Talk to your family members that you’re actually working - don’t worry you’re not treated seriously by the neighbors - deal with it

    • Further reading?

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