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Chapter 24 - Connect

Make sure people connect regularly

Make sure people connect regularly

  • Regular meetings via video conferencing

    • Video chat is key

    • You want to see them, see how they’re like, catch non-verbal communication

    • We hardly use voice anymore - we want to see each other

    • We feel more connected than ever

  • Monday is for connection

    • Just like Friday is for review

    • Monday is all about connecting with your team

    • Our devs have 30-1h scrum every Monday

    • Directors have a 1-2 hour catch-up meeting

    • These meetings have no agenda, no written minutes… are about re-connection, but that’s OK

  • Schedule one-on-one meetings

    • Project at Nozbe with every person as a task

    • Repeats every half a year

    • I put in comments what we talked about

    • It’s just to catch up and see what’s up

    • Have a personal connection with the boss

    • To replicate this met-in-corridor thingy

    • I ask first about a time that’s good for them

    • I schedule it and prepare coffee

    • We just chat - I have a few talking points about life, work, etc.

    • Friendly - no evaluation no nothing.

  • Regular meetings help

    • If no agenda, it’s cancelled

    • If cancelled too often, prepare agenda point so that we have a reason to meet

    • Happened to us on DF once - for an entire month

  • No Office loneliness is real

    • However you are deceived if you think at the office people really talk to other people all that much

    • Usually you hang out with the same crowd all the time

    • With this effort I connect with everyone

  • One thing:

    • Cultivate one-on-one relationships with people, be vigilant if people start feeling lonely - as much as I encourage to avoid meetings, some are just necessary to keep it real

    • Further reading?

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