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Chapter 11 - Make smart decisions

How we make decisions in a more deliberate way. Our decision-making process.

Make decisions deliberately

  • How we decide on things

  • We first write a proposal

  • People comment on it asynchronously

  • We add it to the agenda of our next meeting - the decision has the time to mature

  • We discuss issues with the proposal or reject it or question it

  • Responsible person re-writes it and it’s added to the next available agenda

  • If the decision to implement / do something is temporary, we set up a task in the future for that person to revisit it or schedule a “lessons learned” session

  • Lessons learned using OK, NOT OK, IMPROVE

    • New proposal

    • It gets approved again and goes through the same process

  • Customer support QS story

    • Email from customer

    • Short conversation with Iwona

    • Proposal for a meeting

    • Decisión to run the meeting

    • We ran the meeting for 8 sessions

    • Lessons learned session scheduled

    • Improvements made

      • Agenda earlier

      • Every two weeks instead of one week

  • One thing

    • It’s a good idea for a decision to take time - we tend to take too many rushed decisions

    • Further reading?

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