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Chapter 1 - I have a dream

How my - No Office - lifestyle was born...
  • I fell in love with the Internet

  • I always liked to travel and get to know languages

  • I studied in Germany, then Spain then Poland

    • Even though I was away, I had a laptop with me and was in touch with my friends, collaborated on projects, etc.
  • Wrote my thesis on teleworking and virtual companies

    • Inspired by my new lifestyle

    • Learned the quote and it stuck

  • When I got married we moved to Dusseldorf Germany, then Bruxelles Belgium, then Frankfurt Germany

  • How I followed my wife

    • Before I married my wife I visited her in Germany

    • She’d attend university and I’d ride a bike and use the free internet there to work on my laptop

    • After we married she got an internship in Brussels, we moved there and I worked from home as she wen to the offices

    • Then we moved to Frankfurt, where I’d work from home as well.

    • Then we settled in Warsaw, I worked from our apartment

    • When we got our first child, I went out to work at McDonald’s - free internet and cheap, but good coffee was hard to beat

    • Now we live on the Spanish coast and I run my company from Spain

  • Following my wife, living the dream - my customers in Spain, Germany and Poland

  • Can I live like this for the rest of my life?

  • One thing - Work is not a place to go, it’s a thing that you do - and thanks to the Internet, it can be done everywhere!

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