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Chapter 8 - Fight, argue and commit!

Don't be afraid of a healthy disagreement that pushes your team forward!

Fight, argue and commit!

  • Shape up - fall in love with the problem - not solution

  • Strong opinions weekly held

  • Argue your case - don’t go personal

  • You’re not the smartest person in the room - nobody is

  • Find a bunch of people who feel safe around each other

    • Directors

    • DF team

  • Invite only the fewest people possible

    • Steve Jobs threw out someone who doesn’t contribute

    • No status, no ego, trim people

    • Try to find variety of people

  • Disagree and commit

    • Take your ego out of equation

    • Commit and don’t allow - I told you so’s

    • It was his/her idea!

  • All decisions are temporary

    • Don’t over argue

    • Try and revisit

    • Find metrics to measure if it makes sense

  • Design Fight

    • Only 5 people are part of the group

      • People chosen deliberately

      • When a new person wants to join - with their proposal - only they can join

      • We speak freely, sometimes we really fight and get angry

      • That’s OK

    • We follow process

      • Proposals for Monday evening

        • Written according to Shape up template
      • Topics written up as tasks in Nozbe Teams

        • Section in Nozbe Design project

        • Design channel on Slack

        • All transparent, we welcome feedback from entire team

      • Asynchronous Tuesday comments

      • Tuesday meeting, if necessary

      • After meeting notes

      • Tasks updated

  • One thing:

    • Arguing and fighting is healthy as long as it doesn’t get personal and it’s about ideas

    • Encourage disagreement and avoid groupthink

    • Further reading:

      • Creativity Inc.

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