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Chapter 3 - I have a future?

Can - No Office - be the future of work?
  • Is No Office a future of my company… or is it a future of work?

    • Cities are growing - but do they have to? Can you choose your own lifestyle?

    • Talented people know their value - they dictate how they want to live - you adapt to them

    • Open offices are distracting and stressful, feels like a factory floor - the best and the brightest don’t want to work like this

    • Commuting to work is stressful - even if you’re not stuck in a traffic jam

    • Think about it - you’re spending an hour one day to go to an office where you have to work in front of a computer?

    • Coronavirus shows sometimes we have to adapt

    • Many companies need to go hybrid mode - a small office, a small production facility… and everyone else

  • We’re a small company, right?

    • 23 and counting

    • Buffer has 80+

    • Zapier has 250

    • InVision has 1000

    • Wordpress has 1000+

    • Gitlab has more than 1000

    • Companies big and small can work in a NoOffice way

    • Any knowledge worker can work like this - if you work with your brain, it doesn’t matter where it is.

    • However it’s not easy, that’s why I wrote this guide :-) It’s different and once it’s a natural way for the team, it’s actually very easy.

  • There are challenges

    • It’s not all cupcakes and rainbows

    • How to set up your home office?

    • How to communicate internally?

    • How to get stuff done together?

    • How to run meetings, projects and work effectively?

    • How to re-connect and take care of good team spirits?

  • I don’t have all the answers

    • Coronavirus sped up the work on this book

    • We’ve learned enough

    • The book is open sourced - so it will be updated

    • There are tools, and Nozbe Teams is one of them, but the processes and good practices are required

  • Who is this book for

    • Employees and team members who are experimenting with remote work or want their employer to invite this

    • All business owners and managers - who are open to not only embrace remote work but also modern techniques of effective working

  • There’s no office, there’s only work!

    • Matrix essay

    • Work is not a place to go, it’s a thing that you do

    • Because of that, the first part of this book is how to work better, with or without the office - practices that I believe any companies should implement

    • One thing: Office is just a tool, and you can bend it any way you want, because what’s real is work to do.

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