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Chapter 23 - Hire remotely

Hire the best people for the job - anywhere they are.

Hire the best people for the job - anywhere they are

  • Best people for the job

    • That’s what you should be aiming at

    • VCs were saying that people should set up companies within 20 mile radius from their office

    • There’s talent only in your neighborhood?

  • External contractors

    • Not afraid to hire lawyers, accountants, and other freelancers based on location

    • Outsourcing vs core team

    • Definition of core team - they have to be close to me

  • How we hire for No Office positions

    • Hire slow fire fast
  • Job ad - with clear expectations

  • CV needed

  • Google form/sheet with questions

  • Based on CV + Form = find Inter view candidates

  • Choose 2-3 best for the job

  • Hire them as contractors for a part time gig (paid!)

    • Set up communication channels

    • See how they work/operate

    • How they write / communicate

  • Meet them in person if possible

  • hire the best for 3-month trial

  • One thing:

    • You can hire the best for the job and it’s OK to hire completely remotely

    • Further reading?

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