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Chapter 28 - Holidays

Encourage your team to really break off from work to properly recharge batteries!

Holidays policy and sick leave

  • Make sure you get enough holidays

  • Help people break the barrier - holiday is holiday, don’t take your laptop!

  • Throw them out, unless they’re posting holiday photos

  • Force them to take 2-week, even 3-week vacations

  • When they’re sick, let them work, but only a little and be Frank about it.

    • They don’t feel useless

    • But they should report it

  • How we report holidays

    • Holidays project in Nozbe

    • Holidays policy in transparent

    • Holidays XLS/PDF always visible

  • One thing:

    • People need to really rest from work and you need to set boundaries when you’re really on holidays

    • Further reading?

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