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Chapter 12 - Eliminate waste

Practice lean approach by constantly improving the way you're doing things.

Practice lean - find waste and improve the process

  • Importance of feedback loops

    • In decísion making

    • In pyramid of communication

  • See how things can be improved

    • How things can get automated

    • Automate on server

    • Automate on your computer

      • Automator

      • Shortcuts on iOS

  • Reduce the barrier of entry

    • That’s why set the same times for meetings

    • That’s why automate

    • That’s why make your calendar predictable

    • Eat meals at the same time

    • Habits don’t occupy the creative part of brain, so they should be used!

    • Create habits, they’re good for you - create team habits - this is how we do things!

  • With each weekly review - find wasted time - time that doesn’t contribute to the outcome

  • Our QS meeting is focused on finding incremental improvements

    • We don’t dwell on what we did wrong

    • We figure out a way to make things better for the future

  • One thing:

    • Find ways to open your team’s eyes to waste, create before-and-after videos as examples

    • Further reading

      • 2-second lean

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