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Chapter 29 - You can have many offices

No Office really means many different offices - depending on how you feel!

No Office means many offices

  • Switch offices to shake up things

    • Trash other people’s offices

    • Have a lunch appointment

    • Have a breakfast appointment right after leaving kids at school

    • Sign up for part-time coworking space

  • Different office, different context

    • Friday cafe for weekly review

    • Balcony for long-form writing

    • Stand up desk for meetings

  • Nomadic working

    • Easy packing for easy travel

    • Travel lightly with a backpack

    • Use checklists

    • If you’re more often in a city,

  • Reduce barrier of entry

    • Keep chargers with you - have a must-have bag

    • Keep your computer charged

    • Use iPad as your main device :-0)

  • One thing:

    • No Office gives a worker an amazing flexibility where they work - just make sure you can work from anywhere and be productive instantly - reduce barrier of entry

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