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Chapter 25 - Meet your customers

Meet your customers regularly and connect with your peers

Meet your customers regularly

  • Similar to the way we chat with team members

  • Choose customers to talk to

    • We choose business customers

    • We see interesting ones (industries)

    • Some people we really want to meet

  • Mastermind groups, meet with your peers (peer mentoring)

  • Set up calendar slots

    • I use calendly app

    • Have slots reserved for talking to people

    • This way I reconnect and chat

  • I have a template

    • I ask how they found Nozbe

    • post the whole template

  • I’m curious about their business

    • How they work

    • What specifically they do

    • What they’re passionate about

    • See where I can help them improve

  • Zoom etiquette

Tshirts of co home partners


Background. Use virtual.

  • I email like texting

    • You can email me at

    • I respond very shortly but I do respond

    • Not every day, but at least once a week

    • We don’t use email internally

  • We do webinars

    • We used to do them more often

    • Not to sell anything, just to talk about issues and stuff

  • I do vlogs

    • So that they have access to CEO and see what I’m all about

    • I don’t mind being perceived “unprofessional” - if they get value, than it’s great!

    • Quick vlog - I record it on iPad with my microphone

    • I edit in Luma Fusion app on the same iPad

    • Send it to YouTube for my team feedback

    • Do final touches and ship it!

    • Also send it as podcast

  • Meeting in person

    • When you’re traveling, schedule time to meet with customers

    • Office rented with on-demand conference room

      • Lawyers
  • This way we’re closer to customers than ever

  • One thing:

    • Meet customers and talk to them - again, to keep it real - use your lack of offices as an advantage and excuse to get in touch.

    • Further reading?

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