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Chapter 7 - Meetings are optional

Schedule regular meetings but make them optional

Make Meetings regular but optional

  • Make meetings regular - put them on schedule

  • Clear expectations

    • Agenda

    • Set time when the agenda is published

    • Meeting documents must be published!

  • Documents/notes before the meeting have to be published

    • Like Jeff Bezos meeting notes

    • Give people hours before the meeting - previous day rule

    • Need to be able to comment on stuff in the note - G docs or Paper or whatever.

    • This way discussion can happen before the meeting already so the meeting is clearer

    • No brainstorming on meetings - always initial concept must be there.

    • When brainstorming happens, make sure to take notes and when it gets too far or too long - stop and designate a person who’d take it from here

  • What are meetings for?

    • On meeting we discuss the points of tension, not the entire document or concept
  • Status meetings

    • For direct reports - to reconnect, see challenges

    • For dev team - to reconnect and talk about challenges for the week

    • We run both on Mondays

    • We question them now

  • Limit people

    • Steve Jobs famously threw people away from a meeting

    • Only the people really necessary for it

  • One thing

    • Avoid in-promptu meetings

    • Get the meetings prepared and ready - everyone participating must be there

    • Further reading:

      • Modern Meeting Standard by Al Pittampali

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