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Chapter 19 - Paperless and mobile

Paper is bad and wasteful. Mobile access to everything is great!

Go paperless and mobile

  • Papers are so… XX century

  • Scan everything that’s coming in

  • Use Scanbot or Evernote or other app that helps you scan things quickly and has an OCR

  • Attach documents to tasks in Nozbe Teams

  • Upload stuff to Dropbox Folder

  • Be able to link (and comment on things) at all times

  • Use Google Suite for spreadsheets

  • Use Dropbox Paper for documentation

  • Work on stuff collaboratively always

  • Use only apps that support mobile viewing and editing

  • Remember about security

    • Use restrictions to your team

    • Use VPN

  • Case study - how we use GitHub not only for code, but also for writing texts together

    • And how I can use both the iPad and the iPhone to do it!
  • One thing:

    • Make sure everything can be accessed via a link and via any device from anywhere - test but make sure you’ve got security in place

    • Further reading?

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