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Chapter 15 - Review your work

Use quarterly review to track your and your team's progress

Review your and your team’s work every quarter

  • Every quarter we review our stuff

  • It’s not a quarterly perfrmance evaluation

  • Here’s the process

    • Revisit goals

    • revisit hopes and dreams

    • Revisit quarter

    • How much you can accomplish in a year!

  • here’s a document template

  • We schedule meetings one-on-one

    • Questions we ask

    • What’s in your personal life - how are your children, wife stuff?

    • We go through the document

  • We publish the most important findings in a vlog

  • One thing:

    • Stop for a day and review last quarter and plan the next one - to make sure you can correct course, re-focus and re-commit to things

    • Further reading:

      • Essentialism by Greg McKeown

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