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Chapter 2 - I have a team

Can you build a - No Office - team?
  • Started being disorganized

    • Moved to Warsaw

    • Built Nozbe

    • It resonated with people

    • Became my main project

    • After a year as side-project, wanted to hire a dev

    • Wasn’t ready to “live the startup dream” and open an office. Didn’t see the point.

    • 1 year into Nozbe, I decided to make it my day job

    • Still was hoping I could continue work wherever I wanted

    • Didn’t want to constrain myself

  • Was ready to build a team behind this Nozbe product

    • I also needed some help - I decided to hire a programmer

    • Remembered the “Mitarbeiter” word - was looking for partners in crime :-)

    • Was focused on getting the best person for the job, was hoping they’d be in Warsaw

  • Meet Tom

    • I went with the best one I could get - and he happened to be a student from a city 200 miles away from Warsaw

    • I didn’t want to build an office in Warsaw, I didn’t see the point

    • We met and we started working together

    • Said he wanted to work on something challenging but didn’t want to go to any office - was finishing college

    • Two years later after he graduated from university and got married, he moved back to his home town

    • Now he lives in his home town, has a wife and 2 kids and is still constantly being challenged by me

  • Meet Hubert

    • Looking for a great designer

    • The best one was working at a firm in southern Poland

    • When I did the final interview, he told me how much he was earning… and I had to double his salary

    • Confirmed my dream - hire the best talent and give them a great work and salary… without making them move from the place they call home

    • He had offers from Warsaw in the past but he didn’t want to move. Now he didn’t have to

    • He’s still with us, living where he wants to live and works for a global company

  • Meet Magda

    • She was living in Warsaw

    • At first, she was surprised not to have to go to an office every day

    • After half a year she got used to it

    • So much so that she asked if she could move to France

    • I asked if they had Internet in France

    • She lived in France for the next two years. I didn’t really notice

    • Now she’s back in Warsaw but it doesn’t matter as she keeps doing her work!

  • Can I grow the team like this?

  • Work is not a place to go, it’s a thing you… and everyone around you… is doing

    • So with No Office mentality, you can hire the best people for the job, and let them choose their lifestyle

    • You don’t have to constrain them to where you are. Let them have the best lifestyle possible - that’s the ultimate employee benefit

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