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Chapter 18 - Trust is the best

Control is good, but trust is so much better!

Control is good but TRUST is better!

  • You have to trust your people to do their work

  • Mitarbeiter

  • If you’re a manager - serve them to make their execution effortless

  • Make working hours flexible

  • How we report when we’re there

  • Everyone defaults to 9-5 usually… but let them shake things up

  • When you post comments, trust them to respond to you

  • Give people benefit of a doubt

  • People who slack off eventually will fail… and it’s OK

  • You’ll quickly know who’s cheating the system - fire them and move on. One bad person doesn’t make work at home bad.

  • Encourage - all motivation is intrinsic - when they struggle with something - help them out

  • Encourage socializing after work - post stuff to #random so that people know there’s life outside of work

  • One thing

    • People want to work in a trusting environment - where they are trusted to work, experiment, fail, fix, be themselves

    • Further reading?

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