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Chapter 9 - Learn to vlog

Replace all-hands meeting with vlogging!

Replace all-hands meeting with vlogging!

  • How I started vlogging

  • Why - to keep everyone on the same page

  • To make it really short - 10 minutes!

  • How I vlog - the process

    • Prepare mind map with topics

    • Put the iPad and camera and start rolling

    • Edit right after recording

    • Editing in LumaFusion on the iPad and posting to Vimeo from there directly

  • What I vlog about

    • Challenges

    • update on all parts of the company

    • See off or welcome new people

  • How I post the vlog

    • Private Vimeo video

    • YouTube with public post if necessary

  • Vlogs serve as great reminders for the future

    • And a history

    • Once or twice a month

  • one thing

    • Some meetings can be avoided altogether - with vlogs or announcements

    • Further reading?

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