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Chapter 5 - Write stuff down!

Create a culture of a written word and don't depend on he-say-she says

Write stuff down at all times!

  • Don’t keep things in your mind - it’s a bad place to store information

  • Mind is playing tricks on you

  • I have too much on my mind, my plate - you’re doing it wrong

  • That’s why the first productivity principle is to write things down in your system

  • Calendar, post it notes, notepad…

  • Or a digital system, task manager, note-taking app, calendar app

  • We forget what people said, what they wanted - so when we chat about stuff and don’t write things down right then, things fall through the cracks

  • The culture of your team has to change - to write things down

  • Create a task for me!

  • It’s in this or that place

    • Make sure you’ve got guidelines

    • So people on your team know where to look for stuff when you’re not around

    • Post signs - before you talk to me - check if it’s in our system

  • Comment on stuff - in documents, tasks, notes…

  • Meeting minutes - not optional - obligatory after each meeting - clear who’s doing them

  • How we’re doing it

    • We do chat on Slack

    • We put actionable stuff - projects and tasks in Nozbe Teams

    • We write documentation on Dropbox Paper

    • We put files in Dropbox Team folder

    • We migrate permanent documentation to our internal site

  • One thing

    • Make sure your team gets the culture of writing stuff down

    • If it’s written down, it can be linked to, referred to, it can be found. And accessed by anyone on the team, from anywhere.

    • Further reading: GTD

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