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Chapter 27 - Socialize

Promote socializing outside of work to talk to real humans.

Socializing outside of work

  • Remind people that they should plan their free time

  • People working from home WANT to meet other people because they have the bandwidth for that.

    • They’re not TIRED of meeting people
  • Triathlon’s

    • Running buddy

    • Biking club

    • Swimming buddy

  • Play dates

    • Instead of leaving, staying there

    • Similar also with birthdays

  • Dinners

    • Plan dates

    • Plan dinners with other families

    • Expand your social circle

  • Rich social life and not talking much about work

  • Hobbies

    • Warsaw Hackerspace by Radziu

    • Home renovation by Ola

  • One thing:

    • Working remotely gives you an opportunity to meet people around you - have hobbies that take you off of your computer!

    • Further reading?

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