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My name is Michael Sliwinski and I’ll be openly working on my upcoming book “No Office - work is not a place to go, it’s a thing that you do” on this web site. Read more about this project and how you can contribute

Latest updates:

Mega chapter 7 on meetings

July 31, 2020

Just wrote the chapter on meetings - with our #NoOffice-way of getting meetings right. Check it out. It’s more than 1800 words.


Chapter 6 about banning email is done

July 30, 2020

Started my daily summer writing challenge and wrote chapter 6 on… email! Again around 1.5k words (seems like an average number per chapter) but I needed to explain why using emails to coordinate stuff internally doesn’t make sense.


Chapter 5 written

July 2, 2020

Back to writing and I just wrote a chapter 5 on… writing! It’s a longer one, more than 1.5K words but and later we’ll see if during editing we cut it shorter, but for now I think it’s pretty valuable. Hope you like it, too!


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