About the No Office book project

Your host - Michael Sliwinski

Hi, I’m Michael Sliwinski and I’m the founder and CEO of Nozbe - a to-do app for teams. We’re a team of 25 people who work completely remotely from their 25 “home offices” and we’ve been doing this for the last 12+ years now. Nozbe has more than 0.5M users from all over the world.

Our project - No Office book

Whenever I talk to people about my app and my team people don’t believe we can be successful at running an “all remote company”. They keep asking “where are you based?”, “where’s your office?”… and when I tell them about our remote team they keep repeating that “while it might work for you, it will definitely not work for us”… like if my team were a snowflake ❄️ or a unicorn 🦄 or something.

That’s why I decided to start working on this book - No Office - because I believe work is not a place to go, it’s a thing that you do and an office is just a tool which is not mandatory to be running a successful business.

In this book my idea is to gather all the best pieces of advice on running an all-remote team. Based on my experience and inspired by other remotely working teams.

Actually the goal is bigger - I think this book will be a sound business advice for any type of business - remote or not. Because what works for a remotely working team, definitely works for a team that does have an office.

I want you to help me contribute!

I’ll be openly writing this book here.

Check out Table of Contents and see that whenever I write a chapter it’ll be published and linked here. The book will be free for you to read.

And it’s published on GitHub so feel free to send your pull requests and comments and suggestions.

Let’s write this book together!