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Part one completed, new languages and more updates!

August 23, 2020

Today I finished the last chapter on Mighty Fridays of the Part 1 of the book. Now I have 17 Chapters written and still another 15 to write. I’m more than half way through. Which is great!

Check out the Table of Contents and start reading!

But there’s more!

We’ve got our first community-driven contribution and the translation of the book to Brazilian Portuguese has started.

And next week we’ll have first chapters translated to Polish, Spanish and Japanese so stay tuned!

I’ve updated the about page of the project to reflect that.

I’m so excited. The writing takes a lot of my time but to see the book spreading so quickly even though it’s not finished yet gives me hope for the future of this project!

Now it’s time for part 2 - where I really dive deep into true #NoOffice habits and techniques. Wish me luck!


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